Photo Credit: Fabrizio Ferri 2017

Pastry chef Ravenna Wilson was raised in the kitchens- and the woods- of Western Massachusetts. She always dreamt of returning to her ancestral homeland of New York City. Finally made it here after a stint at Bard College and some traveling. She spent the past 10 years perfecting her craft, making desserts and pastries in her own commissary. If it sounds linear, rest assured that it's anything but.

Native son of Flushing, Queens, Alvin Blanco made his parents proud by studying entrepreneurship at NYU Stern School of Business. Quickly learned that he had much to learn. Got his start in the industry by attentively listening to Giorgio Deluca ramble on in his namesake restaurant. Did the books for bars and restaurants downtown and got paid in meals and wine. Met a nice girl named Ravenna and they convinced each other to go all in.